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Air Conditioning Cost

Many factors go into the cost of an air conditioning unit. It’s difficult to simply quote a price over the telephone. There are various features that will determine the cost. The type of unit, SEER ratings and location of the unit are just a few.

BEWARE OF FOOT IN THE DOOR TACTICS AND PHONEY TRADE-INS. Many contractors advertise huge (foot in the door) discounts, rebates, and even trade-ins for old worthless equipment. They may offer thousands of dollars off (off of what?). The best way to find the cost of an air conditioner is to get a quote from a reliable contractor who will help you choose the unit that fits your needs. Be sure your proposal includes the model and serial numbers of all the components (condenser, air handler, furnace, etc.) along with a description of work to be performed.

The cost of air conditioning units among contractors may vary. Some contractors spend enormous amounts of money on advertising, which adds to their business costs and then its passed on to the homeowner. Some companies work out of their garage and rely on universal ductwork and transitions to complete the install. They have no overhead so they may seem to offer a better deal, but if something goes wrong you have no guarantee they will be available to perform repairs. Remember, always make sure the model and serial numbers are on your contract and demand your warranty agreement.

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