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One cold winter evening as I was helping out at my Dad’s service station in St. Louis MO I asked why so many people waited until the first cold spell before they came in to get their anti-freeze. My Dad said, "Son, it’s human nature, some people just don’t think about it until it gets cold, then they have to wait in line and pay higher prices."

Hello, my name is Joe Hendel from Hendel's Air Conditioning Showroom. You know it’s the same way in the air conditioning business… It really makes sense to take advantage of seasonal discounts. This time of year there are huge discounts and rebates available, such as free extended warranties, paid 3 – month utilities bills and $500 cash rebates.

At Hendel's Air Conditioning Showroom…half mile South of Guadalupe Road on Arizona Avenue you can compare all the major brands and get an instant quotation on the brand of your choice. I think you’ll be amazed at the cost savings you can realize during the mild weather seasons.

I hope you’ll stop by our showroom - Showroom…half mile South of Guadalupe Road on Arizona Avenue or you can call us for a quick phone quote at 480-813-1700. That’s 8-thirteen-seventeen hundred.

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