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In 1960 I owned a service station on 16th street and Osborn. One day a couple came in and introduced themselves as Ike and Tina Turner. Ike opened the trunk of their new Cadillac to show me a safe inside. He asked if we could drill through the safe and bolt it into his trunk.

Installing the safe was not easy but my employees got the job done. Tina was dressed in solid gold: jacket, pants, shoes and purse. As Ike inspected the safe he looked at Tina and said, "OK baby". Tina then starting dumping bundles of $100 bills from her purse into the safe.

I’m Joe Hendel of Hendel’s Air Conditioning. If Ike or Tina Turner ever visit Hendel’s Air Conditioning Showroom where all brands of residential air conditioning equipment are displayed, they’ll find you don’t have to dump a lot of money into modern day air conditioning units. In fact, the new efficient units can save up to half of your energy costs. Stop by and see for yourself Hendel’s Air Conditioning Showroom. Half mile South of Guadalupe on Arizona Ave. or call 480-813-1700. That’s 813-1700.

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