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In 1970 when my wife Linda and I started Hendel’s Air Conditioning, we vowed to treat our customers with honesty, respect and provide prompt service. Recently, a lady called for a price on a new air conditioner. She told an interesting story. She explained that a telephone solicitor offered a $25.00 maintenance service.

When the so-called technician arrived, she was told that the coil needed cleaning and the contactor replaced. The $25.00 maintenance service now cost $235.00, but the company agreed to not charge her for the repairs if she would purchase a three year maintenance contract for only $599.00. That was three months ago. Three days ago, her air conditioner failed and the same company told her the only option was to replace the unit…for the reduced cost of only $4,600. I already knew that story, we hear the same tune day after day. It’s really unfortunate that some companies operate this way. At Hendel’s Air Conditioning, we will always treat our customers fairly, it’s my guarantee. So for good ol’ fashioned customer service just call Hendel’s Air Conditioning at 480 813-1700. That’s eight thirteen-seventeen hundred.

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