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In the market for new air conditioning? If so, you might pay CLOSE attention. One of the first things people inquire about when they visit Hendel’s Air Conditioning Showroom is SEER Rating. The term SEER stands for seasonal energy efficiency ratio. What most folks don’t realize is that SEER ratings and unit capacities are established at 95 degrees. What good is a 12 SEER air conditioner if it doesn’t have the capacity to cool your home on a hot day.

Hello, I’m Joe Hendel from Hendel’s Air Conditioning Showroom. Whether you’re purchasing a new air conditioner, appliances, or even apples. Comparison shopping really is the best way to select a product that’s right for you.

Hendel’s Air Conditioning Showroom is the only place that displays all brands, the displays are operational and have electric meters. Factory specifications are available to help you select the unit that’s right for you.

Don’t get seered. Get the facts at Hendel’s Air Conditioning Showroom half mile South of Guadalupe Road on Arizona Ave. Or give us a call at (480)- 8 thirteen seventeen hundred. That’s 8 thirteen seventeen hundred.

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