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The other day a couple came into Hendel’s Air Conditioning Showroom. Their neighbor purchased a new air conditioner from Hendel’s, and realized huge utility savings. They wanted to invest their income tax refund in a new air conditioning unit. Hello, I’m Joe Hendel from Hendel’s Air Conditioning Showroom. Not a bad idea! I can’t think of a more confident investment.

After comparing all the different brands, we explained that at Hendel’s Air Conditioning Showroom, you can take advantage of big Seasonal discounts, and six months same as cash. Use your new air conditioner all summer long, and save up to 50% on energy cost. No payments, or interest till August. It just doesn’t make sense to pay those higher prices during the busy season. Hendel’s Air Conditioning Showroom is the only place that displays all brands. The units are operational, and have electric meters to compare energy savings. Keep in mind every dollar wasted on energy is gone forever, and so is the energy.

Hendel’s Air Conditioning Showroom, half mile South of Guadalupe Road on Arizona Avenue, or call us at 813-1700. That’s eight thirteen, seventeen hundred.

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