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Not long ago I was visiting the Chandler Airport during its 50th Anniversary Celebration. Like most pilots I am very interested in vintage aircraft. Well, the Confederate Airforce was there with their Sentimental Journey B-17 Bomber. I enjoyed talking with some of the members and as we went up in the tower to see the B-17 make some low passes over the field, I was thinking how wonderful it would be to fly in that plane. I was really surprised to get a call a couple days later with an invitation to do just that! It was a wonderful experience I’ll never forget.

Hello, I’m Joe Hendel of Hendel's Air Conditioning. In my Air Conditioning Showroom on Arizona Ave – half mile South of Guadalupe Road… we not only have all the modern day Air Conditioning Units we have a vintage 20 year old Air Conditioning Unit in excellent working condition. It’s operational so our customers can see although in it’s time it was a great machine the modern day units are more efficient, quieter and reliable.

Come on by the showroom and see for yourself or call us at 480-813-1700. That’s 8-thirteen – seventeen hundred.

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