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We know when the phone solicitors are calling. We know because everybody comes into our air conditioning parts store to buy the same easy to change parts. Like coil cleaner and contactors. "When we tell everybody how much the parts cost they are astounded because they were quoted 4 times as much. They called and said they were working in our neighborhood and offered a cheap price to service the air conditioner. When they arrived all they tried to do is sell parts and long term maintenance agreements." We call these businesses "Monkey Businesses!"

My name is Joe Hendel. In 1970 when I started Hendel’s Air Conditioning in Tempe there were a few other contractors in the area. We all knew one another and we all treated our customers fairly. It’s a little different today. If your in need of an air conditioning contractor I recommend that you ask your neighbors, people you work with or just call Hendel’s Air Conditioning. My staff of professional technicians will accurately diagnose any problems and offer fair prices for any NECESSARY repairs.

No Monkey Business here at Hendel’s Air Conditioning, Just call Hendel’s at 813-1700. That’s 813-1700.

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